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Étienne Onimus

B. 1907-01-01, Mulhouse, then in Germany, after 1918 back in France; D. 1982-01-31
1936 HP
Men's Team Rep1 0.54

Anatoly Onishchuk

B. 1946-08-29, Smolensk, Russia, represented the Soviet Union
1968 HP
Rapid−Fire Pistol 27th 0.06

Onishi Yoshihiro

B. 1941-06-21, represented Japan; D. 2003-03-17
1964 HP
Men's Eights 10th 50

Kyriakos Onisiforou

B. 1951-04-10, Lefkosia, Cyprus, represented Greece
Athletics - Track & Field
1972 HP
Men's 400 metres QF:34th -2.16

Born in Cyprus, and member of GS Pagpyria, probably a misspelling of Pagypria, a club from Cyprus. Another member of that club was Konstantin Pantelidis. Cyprus did not get an NOC until 1980, so these athletes, who represented Greece, can be classed as having Cypriot nationality.

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